Sunday, 2 June 2013

Review and Swatches: Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette.


Do you really love brights? If so, this palette is for you! Today I am reviewing Lime Crime's Aquataenia Palette. This came out a while ago, and it's been sitting in my make-up drawer for quite a while. Why? I found the colours intimidating!

Here's the spiel:

"Aquataenia is different from all previous LC palettes because it's completely *pearlescent*. Each oceanic shade is loaded with shimmer & glitter particles to create a wet, glistening effect -- reminiscent of a mermaid's tail under the moonlight -- and makes your eyelids sparkle like the sea! Can be used on eyes or cheeks. Arrives encased in a deluxe purple tin."
Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette
Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette.

Swatches of the Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette
Swatches of the Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette.
L-R: Nautilus Prime, Coral of the Story, Seahorse Discourse, Pearl-Ple, Atlanteal.

  • Packaging: Standard Lime Crime packaging- purple tin, good for travel.
  • Colours: These are intimidating and for good reason. They're all very bright colours with limited day-to-day use. The palette is not versatile at all. Wearing these colours together is only for the brave, and to create any other look with one of these as the "pop" of colour, you need to use an additional palette. The swatches I took are dry. If you use these wet, they're even brighter.
    • Nautilus Prime is a bright cobalt blue shimmer with silver microglitter.
    • Coral of the Story is a bright cobalt shimmer with silver microglitter.
    • Seahorse Discourse is a fluoro bright chartreuse shimmer with slver microglitter.
    • Pearl-Ple is a bright light purple/lilac shimmer with silver microglitter.
    • Atlanteal is a light teal/blue shimmer with silver microglitter.
  •  Pigmentation: these are all highly pigmented, but with Pearl-Ple and Atlanteal being the stand-outs. Coral of the Story is a bit lighter.
  • Texture: this is what annoys me; whilst being very soft, buttery shadows, these break to bits with the lightest touch! Lots of fallout (on the pan and the face) with just one swipe of a sponge-tip applicator! Very, very messy.
  • Longevity: This is Lime Crime, so no problems with longevity. In fact, the shadows stain the sponge-tip applicators with their base colours even after washing with soap and water.
  • Price: USD$34.99 for 5x 1.5g eyeshadows. This is expensive. Even more so when you take into account the need to use another palette alongside this one to get a wearable look.
Final Verdict: C+
Bright, highly pigmented colours. Poor versatility, powdery, lots of fallout, expensive.

What do you think? Have you tried this palette? Would you?


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