Sunday, 9 September 2012

Series: Eyeshadow Primer Reviews_Lime Crime


I'm back, this time with a series of eyeshadow primer reviews. To kick things off, I'll be reviewing Lime Crime's Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper. I first heard about this stuff a while ago, and Wayne Goss raves about it as the best ever, so it has quite a lot to live up to.

So here are the pictures of the actual product:
I was a bit worried when I saw it had cracked like this, but it's just how the product settles. 

  • Packaging: very cute, but I really dislike that it's in a pot. A squeezable tube is so much more hygienic! 
  • Texture: it's creamy and very sticky. 
  • Ease of use: I warmed this up on my fingers before I patted it on to my eyelids. I don't advise anyone to use a brush as this stuff is so sticky it'll just clog up your brush. I understand this works best if you get your eyeshadow on before the primer has dried on your lids- not something that's easy to do. I certainly didn't manage it, so maybe if I were quicker to apply my eyeshadow I would've gotten even better wear.
  • Longevity: This does last. After 10 hours, it had only started to lightly crease (in the crease) but it had faded a fair bit. The colour is less vibrant, but the best place to see that is in the after pictures- you can see a red bump right near my right eyebrow which wasn't visible originally.
  • Price: It's $17 for 7g of product. Plus, Lime Crime charges $11 for international shipping, regardless of how much you've ordered (my tip- do as I did and get lots of their Loose Eye Dusts. They're 50% off at the moment and they're amazing- I'll do some looks with them soon!).
Final Verdict: A-

Initial Application:

10 Hours Later:

In case you're interested in their sale, click on the link below. 


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