Monday, 10 September 2012

Tips and Tricks: Translucent Powder


I recently bought translucent setting powder online, only to find it's a shade too light for me. How is translucent powder too light? It leaves a white cast on my face when applied at levels sufficient to mop up my face's OPEC-rivalling oil production. This is something that's NEVER happened to me- usually I find the lightest shade is too dark! I did figure out a couple of good uses for it, though, and I thought I'd share.

  1. Applied with a small powder brush under the bottom lash line, it stops eyeliner/eyeshadow from travelling down;
  2. Blended down from the lower lash line, it acts as an under-eye concealer/highlighter in that Hollywood way (not too heavy a hand, please!);
  3. It's a great natural, matte highlighter for the area between the corner of the eye and the nose;
    • I did a matte eye look recently and wanted to brighten up the area without using an obvious highlighter or adding shimmer and it worked perfectly.
  4. Again, using a very small brush, a very light layer of this can be applied around the lips to stop any lipstick feathering out. 
Any other ideas?


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