Sunday, 20 January 2013

Series: Pretty in Pink_Look 2; Vice Palette_Pretty in Pink


Here is my latest Pretty in Pink look (also technically the fourth look from my Vice Palette series). This is a brighter, edgier look than the last one (click here). I played around with graphic eyeliner and a darker, brighter pink. I must say I'm really impressed with the wear of Urban Decay eyeshadows. The following pictures were all taken 7 hours after inital application without an eyeshadow primer!
Pretty in Pink eye look 2
Close up of my second Pretty in Pink eye look.

Pretty in Pink eye look 2
Pretty in Pink- look 2. Both eyes closed.


  • Apply eyeshadows from the Urban Decay Vice Palette:
    • Apply Noise close to the lash line, smoking it out to the crease;
    • Apply Freebird in the crease and blend down with Noise;
    • Apply Anonymous under the las line and close to the bridge of the nose as a highligh shade.
  • Apply liquid eyeliner (I used Maybelline New York Stiletto) and wing out the edges, drawing a double line with the top line longer and more curved than the bottom line. Place three eyliner dots above the top line and two below it (that is, between the two lines) and one line at the end of the top line.
  • I didn't use any mascara because I wanted to keep the focus on the eyeliner, but that's just personal preference.
What do you think? Is bold and graphic the better look? Or do you like a more subtle look?


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