Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Review: L'Oreal Color Infallible eyeshadow


In a break from the Naked Palette series, here's a non-Urban Decay review :-)

I'm having one of those bad technology days and no matter what I did, I couldn't take a decent photo of the eyeshadow itself, so here's a stock photo of L'Oreal's Color Infallible eyeshadow in 05 Purple Obsession.

Here goes:
  • Colour: I love this colour! It's a deep purple with very fine (lighter) purple shimmer. The picture above is a bit misleading- the colour is a fair bit deeper than shown (it can look a bit grey-ish if applied ΓΌber lightly).
  • Pigmentation: highly pigmented, comparable to Urban Decay eyeshadows
  • Texture: smooth- their description of "velvety" is spot on
  • Application: use fingers for best results (not sure why, maybe something with how the binders in this work, but you get much better colour payoff when you use a finger as compared to a brush or sponge tip applicator)
  • Longevity: on its own, it creased on me after 4 hours; with a primer it lasts 10-12.
  • Cost: $19.95 (Priceline's pricing)- so it's a bit expensive. You could get more for the same price from other brands, but I really wanted this colour (you'll see why in my next post!).

Verdict: A


Each was done with two swipes of the eyeshadow.


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