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Review: Revlon Lip Butters


Today I'm reviewing a product the beauty blog world has been raving about these for a fair while now- Revlon Lip Butters.

There has been SO MUCH HYPE about these- I read all the reviews before they'd even come out, so naturally I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I went out and got these when they first came out with a "buy one, get one free" deal at Priceline, so I got them for half price, effectively.

025 Peach Parfait (L), 050 Berry Smoothie (R)
025 Peach Parfait (L), 050 Berry Smoothie (R)

I'll be honest- along with an insanely extensive eyeshaow collection, I have loads of lipglosses, lipsticks (liquid and the usual tube) and lipbalms. Long-wear, high-shine, matte; you name the formulation, I've probably got it. (I did disclose the makeup addict thing up front, so no surprises there!) That makes me hard to impress. So while everyone was falling overthemselves to gush about these, I reserved my judgement till I'd tried them out for a while. Here it goes!


Peach Parfait
  • Colours:  Peach Parfait is a pinky peach shade with gold shimmer. I found it more on the pink side, but still peach enough to count as peach :P Perfect for my pale self.
  • Pigmentation: these are buildable. One swipe and you've got a subtle hint of colour, two swipes with Peach Parfait and it's still fairly sheer, unfortunately.
  • Texture: Peach Parfait, because of the glitter, is a bit grainy. The rest of the formula is smooth and yes, buttery, but you will feel the glitter especially with a light application and even with a heavier (2-3 swipes) application, after a while it will feel grainy. I'm sure they could have formulated it so it doesn't do this- there are plenty of glittery lip products out there that don't.
  • Finish: Peach Parfait is shimmery and very pretty.  However it does tend to cling to the dry bits of your lips, making the finish uneven if you haven't prepped your lips beforehand.
  • Longevity:  Not great, but that's to be expected. This is a product with the feel of a balm, so fair enough. They last 2 hours without a touch up, without eating or drinking. 
Berry Smoothie

  • Colours: Berry Smoothie is a medium berry shade, with some pinky shimmer. It's perfect for an everyday statement lip when you don't want pink and you don't want red :-)
  • Pigmentation: again, these are buildable, and Berry Smoothie is more buildable than Peach Parfait- one swipe leaves a "my lips but better" stain but after 2-3 swipes, Berry Smoothie becomes lipstick-like opaque.
  • Texture: Berry Smoothie has a much better texture than Peach Parfait, despite also having small glitter particles- it goes on just like a lip balm- smooth and moisturising and isn't grainy.
  • Finish: Berry Smoothie has a lovely soft sheen finish (not high gloss, but in a good way).
  • Longevity:  Up to 2 hours on me, same as Peach Parfait, but Berry Smoothie does leave a lovely stain.
Applicable to both:
  • Cost: this is my big bugbear with these and most products sold in Australia. These are, full price, $21.95 for 3g of product. They retail for $8 in America. I don't know if you've looked at the exchange rate recently, but the AUSD is stronger than the USD and has been for quite some time. Based on that, these are a total rip off. Based on how much you'd pay for other similar products in Australia alone, these are still pricey. Depends on what you want- if you're looking for a moisturising lip product with a decent amount of colour to it, this is for you; if you're not too fussed on the moisturising aspect, go buy a lip gloss or lip stick.
Final Verdict: 
Peach Parfait B (grainy- definite negative)
Berry Smoothie B+/A- (I really love the colour and stain)


From top to bottom (usual room lighting)
Berry Smoothie (4 swipes)
Berry Smoothie (2 swipes)
Peach Parfait (4 swipes)
Peach Parfait (2 swipes)
From top to bottom (in brighter lighting)
Berry Smoothie (4 swipes)
Berry Smoothie (2 swipes)
Peach Parfait (4 swipes)
Peach Parfait (2 swipes)

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