Sunday, 23 December 2012

Rapid Review: the original beautyblender


How do you apply your foundation? I've always alternated between using a foundation brush and using (clean!) fingers. I never really went for sponges because I feared they would soak up, and thus waste, a lot of product. Today's review is on the product that changed my mind- the beautyblender.

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When I first heard of this product, I wasn't keen. The beautyblender is a esentially a small, very expensive ($19.95 for one) sponge. I was given it as a gift, however, so I tried it out. Despite having fully expected all that "the finish it leaves on your skin is amazing" gushing pretty much everyone does over this product would be complete rubbish, it's true.

I've had this for 4 days now and I haven't picked up a foundation brush since- the finish it leaves on your skin is amazing. It deposits product evenly, without streaking and it makes doing the foundation on your nose and under your eyes easy. The finish on the skin is smooth, even and natural. I love it.

In terms of use, I think it's lucky I watched Wayne Goss's video on this before using it- you need to wet it first and then wring out the water so it's damp. Be careful not to get your nails in the sponge or you'll rip it (thanks, Wayne)- I've been wringing out the water by squishing the sponge with the palms of my hands.

My chief worry was how much product it would absorb. By dampening it first, you ensure product absorption is minimal. I wouldn't say the sponge takes up any more product than a brush.

In short, I'm a convert.

Final Verdict: A-/B+
Great product, high price.

What do you think of the beautyblender?
Have you tried any of the cheaper alternatives, and if so, how did you find them?


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