Saturday, 15 December 2012

Review and Swatches: Urban Decay Nail Polish in Mars


Coming up to the holiday season, I always go a little crazy with nail polish. During the year I try to keep it neutral and work-place appropriate (read: pretty but boring) but around the holidays I can go as bright, dark, metallic or glittery as I like. So this review is about the goregous green that is Urban Decay's Mars Nail Polish.

Swatches of Urban Decay Mars Nail Polish
Swatches and Bottles of: Urban Decay Mars Nail Polish and OPI Skyfall Collection
Nail Polish in Live and Let Die. My little finger is done in Live and Let Die;
all the others are painted with Mars.

Mars came in a set of 6 Urban Decay Nail Polishes- the Holiday 2011 collection and it came in very pretty packaging. I'll have to get a photo for you soon and review the other 5.

  • Colour: the colour is goregeous- a medium blue-teal-green with lots of greenish and silver glitter.
  • Pigmentation: it's not thebest in terms of pigmentation- it takes two coats to get full coverage, so that's pretty standard.
  • Finish: t's not really shiny in and of itself. It's glittery, but not shiny (in that gel-like way). In the photos above I have applied a topcoat (Sally Hansen Super Shine Shiny Top Coat) to get it shiny. Once the topcoat is applied, it's lovely.
  • Longevity: Without a topcoat 3-4 days is the best these go without chipping. With a topcoat, 5-7 days.
  • Cost: This was one of six mini nail polishes in the Urban Decay Holiday 2011 collection and it retailed for USD$28. It's alright in terms of pricing and it made a nice gift (which it was, for me).
Final Verdict: B+
Pretty colour but could be shinier, longer-lasting and more pigmented.

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