Thursday, 13 December 2012

Review and Swatches: OPI Skyfall Collection Nail Polish in Live and Let Die


Here's part two to the picture I used for my Urban Decay Mars Nail Polish review. This time, it's just the pinky finger that's relevant to the post. Sorry, I was going to do a full hand of each, but I felt that was just silly.

Swatches and Bottles of: Urban Decay Mars Nail Polish and OPI Skyfall Collection
Nail Polish in Live and Let Die. My little finger is done in Live and Let Die;
all the others are painted with Mars.

Review of Live and Let Die:
  • Colour: this is a gorgeous so-dark-it's-practically-black green with plenty of gold and green shimmer.
  • Pigmentation: fantastic! You can get away with just one coat of this. Lovely.
  • Finish: It is shiny in and of itself, which is nice, but a little topoat never hurt anyone.
  • Longevity: I wore this on my toes first, without a topcoat and it lasted about 1.5 weeks. That's considerably less wear than I usually get with my nail polish and by week 3 (no, I wasn't wearing open-toed shoes!) it was flaking off and looking quite bad. I'll give it another go, on my hands, and with topcoat before I give my final judgement.
  • Cost: AUD$19.95 for the bottle. Expensive, as OPI always is.
Final Verdict: A-/B+
Great colour, great pigmentation but not so great longevity.

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