Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Tech problems and a short break


I need your help. I've been having some problems with Blogger. When I use Google Chrome, I cannot upload my pictures as I usually do from my computer. It keeps asking me to sign in to some other Google product which it seems to think my pictures should be on, and it won't let me get to the usual link to upload from my computer. I've switched back to Firefox, but then the formatting isn't quite right, especially with captions for pictures. Can anyone help me out with this, please?

Secondly, I know I've promised reviews on the Lime Crime Alchemy set, and they're coming! I've also recently received my shipments of the Rhyme and Reason eyeliners and the Marie Antoinette palette. I know I've slowed down recently and have a big backlog of posts and reviews to do. I will be taking a week-long break, however, because some rather big exams are coming up for me and I need to focus on my studies. I will be back in full force after that! Summer will be productive, I promise!


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