Saturday, 6 October 2012

Review and Swatches: theBalm's Shady Lady Vol. 2 Palette


A while back I did an OVO-inspired look using theBalm's Shady Lady Vol. 2 Palette. Today I'm finally getting around to reviewing it!
theBalm Shady Lady vol.2
theBalm Shady Lady vol.2 front cover
theBalm Shady Lady vol.2
theBalm Shady Lady vol.2 back cover

theBalm Shady Lady vol.2
theBalm Shady Lady vol.2 shadows

theBalm Shady Lady vol.2 swatches
theBalm Shady Lady vol.2 swatches
L-R: Caught in the Act Courtney (4 swipes), Feisty Felicia (4 swipes), Insane Jane (2 swipes),
Bossy Bobbi (4 swipes), Makeout Mary (4 swipes), Just This Once Jaime (4 swipes),
Mischievous Marissa (2 swipes), Tempting Tara (1 swipe), Devilish Danielle (4 swipes)

  • Packaging: The packaging is cute zebra-print with a magnetic close and a decent-sized mirror.
  • Colours: there are a good range of colours in this palette, but some are so similar on the lid (Caught in the Act Courtney and Feisty Felicia; Insane Jane and Just This Once Jaime) that they blend into one colour on the lid.
    • Caught in the Act Courtney: chocolate brown with copper microglitter. This is a little dry and powdery to apply and you'll get some fallout. My major gripe is that this and Feisty Felicia, when applied in the same eye look, melt into one colour.
    • Feisty Felicia: blackened plum with silver microglitter. This also feels a little dry and powdery and again, blends into one colour with Caught in the Act Courtney. When applied a little thinner, or smoked out, this tends to lose its colour and just becomes "dark".
    • Insane Jane: frost shimmer finish taupe. Very smooth and pigmented.
    • Bossy Bobbi: medium teal blue with silver microglitter. Again, this one is a bit dry and powdery.
    • Makeout Mary: light olive green with silver microglitter. This one was smooth.
    • Just This Once Jaime: mauve with pink undertones and silver microglitter. Very nice, smooth and pigmented. My gripe, again, is that this and Insane Jane look so similar on the lid that using them in the same look gets you nowhere.
    • Mischievous Marissa:  frost finish orange. Smooth, pigmented and lovely and bright when swatched, this one needs many layers to get a true orange on the lids. If applied thinly, it just looks gold-ish.
    • Tempting Tara: beautiful strong white with silver microglitter. Very pigmented and soft.
    • Devilish Danielle: beautiful peachy champagne shimmer highlight shade. Soft and smooth to apply. I use it all the time under the brow to highlight or all over the lid for a soft day look.
  • Longevity: these are good with a primer underneath but they fade significantly.
  • Cost: this palette retails for AUD$49.95 for 17g of product. It's available from David Jones.

Verdict: B/B-

Nice colours but they fade even with primer, some are a bit powdery and some blend into one colour on the lid. The BalmJovi has a more varied and vibrant set of shadows.



  1. Hey,

    So you think the balm jovi palette is a better buy this holiday?
    Any chance you're thinking of posting a Christmas/holiday makeup gift buying guide? You know, something along the lines of which brands/products are worth getting and which aren't this christmas?

    1. Hey,
      Yes, I'd definitely say the Balm Jovi is a better overall buy. The eyeshadows in the Balm Jovi are more varied in colour and texture. You also get the highlighter, blush and two lip colours for about the same price.
      Haha, I was planning on a Christmas post, but sometime closer to Christmas!
      Thanks for reading :-)


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